Timothy Bell, the only non-military man among us, flew into a radio tower.

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May 26

The next time you visit a hospital or medical clinic for a routine check or emergency, don’t be surprised if the doctor shows up with an iPad in hand.

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that in several Windy City hospitals, the iPad is making inroads in a big way. The Loyola University Medical Center has given Apple’s tablet to all of its orthopedic residents as a pilot program, while the University of Chicago Medical Center is expanding an existing pilot by providing iPads to all of their internal medicine residents.

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May 26

As the clock ticks down on World Health Day, there’s an app that we should tell you about: the free iTriage 2.0 for iPhone (now also available for Android, and with a version coming soon for iPad). It’s a provider locator, a symptom and disease database, and more.

The iTriage story is intriguing enough; the app was created by Dr. Peter Hudson and Dr. Wayne Guerra, practicing emergency physicians who realized that patients and healthcare consumers were facing information deficits at the moments when they most needed clear and accurate guidance around symptoms, conditions and available care facilities. Patients might have to make several calls to different providers — a PCP, a specialist, and an ER or urgent care location — to identify the best pathway of care.
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May 26

iPhonECG turns your iPhone 4 into an affordable cardiac event monitor

No, thank you, she said weakly, backing away from the cart.

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Dr. David Albert holds an iPhoneECGQuick — you’re watching House, M.D. with a friend and he suddenly complains of lightheadedness and heart palpitations, then passes out on your couch. Is it a common atrial fibrillation, or is it a third-degree atrioventricular block needing emergency atropine and an electrical pacer?

Soon, assuming you’re either a medical professional skilled inelectrocardiography or you play one on TV, you’ll be able to make the differential diagnosis using just an iPhone 4 and the AliveCor iPhonECG.

The iPhonECG is a sleek, low power case that turns the iPhone 4 into a wireless, clinical quality cardiac event recorder. It was invented by Dr. David Albert, a self-described “serial entrepreneur and inventor who happens to be an engineer and a physician with 30 years in cardiology.” Dr. Albert sold his last company, Data Critical, to GE Medical Systems, where he then worked as Chief Scientist of GE Cardiology.

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  • She was blind and deaf from the pleasure of it, oblivious of her own sobbing breaths as they mated in a frenzied rhythm. They were riding through Westbells now, and Paks waved to Marshal Torin, who stood watching with an uncertain expression.
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  • My dear little creature, the old lady said, I don't intend to let you stir for years, that you may depend upon it. The bark of the tree was rough against his back.
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    May 26

    Mark my words: Muscle System Pro II will one day appear in an iPad commercial. It’s that good. This is one of those apps that show you just how powerful the iPad can be. Muscle System Pro II by 3D 4 Medical is an interactive learning tool that allows the user to completely explore the muscular anatomy of the human body. It uses photorealistic 3D models that the user can control in real time. You can strip away muscle layer by layer, rotate around them, view different parts of the body from different angles, and that’s just for starters.

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    May 26

    Slashdot is pointing to a CNN article on Osirix, an open source image viewer for iPods (and Macs). Medical images are, by necessity, incredibly large. The big GB count on iPods seemed a perfect match for storing these images… Normally the story would end there. But you have to ask why would someone store pictures on an iPod instead of a USB drive? Wouldn’t that be cheaper?

    Well that sums up the entire PC industry, doesn’t it? It’s cheaper to build an AMD Windows box, after all.  But the developers of Osirix have decided to make more than just a simple transport device. Osirix takes DICOM images (the format of medical imagery), and manages to squeeze them into an iPod, for viewing on a Mac or iPod (photo and up). In addition to that simple task, they’ve integrated iChat into the viewer, so doctors can collaborate online. Add to that privacy controls, optimization for the new quad-G5’s, plug-in capabilities, and XGrid support. Plus, when you’re done saving lives you can listen to music.
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    May 26

    Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search from Nuance Communications were definite crowd-pleasers, so today the company is announcing specialized medical versions of the apps for physicians and medical professionals.

    The first app is Dragon Medical Mobile Dictation. It is designed to allow clinicians to dictate patient notes, emails and text messages instead of typing them on a mobile device. The idea is to let medical professionals dictate and capture information in real time with a smartphone, without having to return to a desktop or laptop computer. The product is expected to be available before the end of the year.

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  • Lantu loves me - I know he does, and he knows I know - but he won't admit it. You still assumed the girl was my niece, and you kidnapped her out of revenge.
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  • May 26

  • She comported herself as though she were ready for anything. Thou hast come to the truth of it at last though I greatly doubt thou didst find it in such a manner.
  • iBiomed is not for everyone. It’s a niche app designed for detailed tracking of care management for patients with complex medical conditions, such as autism. Once set up (and that can be a bit daunting), a care-giver can take control of everything related to the care of a patient. iBiomed is totally flexible, allowing a user to input all pertinent information and keep historical track of everything involving the patient. It can send push alarms, too, when it’s time to administer the next dosage of any supplement, medicine, or test. That just scratches the surface of what this amazingly-flexible, multifaceted, and free app can do.
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  • The Court of Bourgesses, aware that most ships are being contracted for use of the armies of the Crusaders, may not be able to supply the requested transport that would carry Bondama Clemens to her chosen destination.
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    No, I said, still keeping my eyes on the floor.

    Apr 27

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  • A wisp of smoke came curling from the top of the fuse, and J.B. ran, crouching, to join the others. I'm reading an energy buildup on the Gimlon ship, Kim said, dabbing at his control panel.
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  • Popular Rank #: 217
    Languages: English
    Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation) Requires iPhone 2.2 Software Update

    Do you wake up feeling tired and groggy? Are you going to bed early but still don’t feel fully rested in the morning? Chances are you are having trouble sleeping through the entire night. The average adult needs between 7 and 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to reach the regenerative REM sleep cycles. If you are awakened throughout the night by coughing, sneezing, or other ailments, you may never reach a deep sleep and will wake up feeling groggy.

    Many people do not even realize that their sleep is being disturbed, but even a coughing fit during the night that you barely remember could leave you in a haze all day. It is almost impossible to keep track of all your middle of the night disruptions yourself, making the reporting of your problems and the tracking of progress in defeating your sleep ailments difficult.

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    Apr 27
    Release Date: 03/20/2009
    Size: 2.4 MB
    Popular Rank #: 79
    Languages: English
    Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update

    ♥♡♥ Listen to your heart while you workout ♥♡♥
    ☞☞☞ Additional Hardware Required ☞☞☞
    ☖☗☖ “More Cowbell” custom motivator ☖☗☖

    “The future is now! It’s great to see heart rate data and more being captured by your iPhone. What a great breakthrough for training technology.”
    Joe Friel, Coach and Author

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